Talks inspired by HB Reavis is an inspirational conference series bursting with innovative ideas and learnings from industry thought leaders that will shift the boundaries of your knowledge. We endeavour to challenge thinking and open minds.

Talks speakers

Andy Habermacher

Managing Director at SCOAP-Profile GmbH, Lucerne

Topic: Surprising truths of how the brain learns
Expert on neuroleadership - applying knowledge of human neuroscience to workplaces. Focuses on the neuroscientific and psychological aspects of workplace performance, employee engagement, leadership and effectiveness.

H.E. Zvi A. Vapni

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to the Slovak Republic

Topic: Great minds don‘t think alike
Unique insights into the leading Israeli start-ups, functional solutions, and ensuring start-ups stay global-market focused.

Zdenka Studena

Founder, managing partner at Flexjobs, Prague

Topic: Work environment and future cooperation
Guide to workplace flexibility towards improving the perception of HR.

Karol Kovac

Institute of Stress

Topic: Is stress a positive or negative?
Slovak specialist in stress management, psychohygiene and personality development in management.

Lukas Bakos

Managing director, Maxman Consultants

Topic: World without managers?
Lukas graduated from the Department of Psychology at the Comenius University in Bratislava and from Management at UBC Sydney  in Australia. Later he completed his PhD. degree in Management. Since 2009 he is a Managing Director of Maxman Consultants, a company based on non-hierarchical principles of teal self-managing organizations where people discuss and decide together, even their salaries.

Peggie Rothe

Development Director, Leesman

Topic: The workplace experience revolution
Peggie is Development Director at Leesman, where her role includes leading the research undertaken on the world’s largest independent workplace experience database and helping organisations understand the link between people and place.

Mark Post

Chief Scientific Officer, Mosa Meat

Topic: Meet new meat
Revolutionising the meat market, Mark is best-known for the creation of the world's first beef burger grown from animal cells. Mark has dedicated his time to the development of a new method to make real meat in a sustainable, healthy and animal-friendly and founded Mosa Meat in 2016 to bring the unique product to supermarket shelves.

Tomas Melisko

Head of Symbiosy, HB Reavis

Topic: ‘Indoor generation’ buildings: the evolution of intelligent buildings and their impact on work
Tomas is an expert in smart buildings and Head of Symbiosy at HB Reavis. Symbiosy: the tech and sensory platform provides insights into user experience, space utilisation and environmental factors, with the aim to improve occupier productivity and wellness and to inform future workspace design and function based on user needs.

Mo Gawdat

Author, Solve for Happy, New York

Mo Gawdat offers an engineering approach to happiness based on his international bestseller - Solve for Happy.

Anna Rose

Director, Dipl. Ing. Architektur Space Syntax, London

Trained architect with a specialism in urban design, master planning and public realm design with extensive international experience.

Dr. Guy Meadows

Founder, Clinical Director at The Sleep School, London

Passionate about educating people of the importance of sleep and its role in enhancing daytime mental and emotional health and resilience.

Katarina Habanova

Change Management at Adidas AG, Nuremberg

Experienced Change & Communications Manager with a long track record of working in the sporting goods industry.

Robert Mistrik

HighChem, Bratislava

A world-renowned scientist who has been involved in developing a search engine for chemical compounds using Google.

Julian Treasure

The sound Agency, Chertsey

A sound and communication expert who advises also the most influential brands on how to use sounds in their favour.

Sarah Welton

International Well Building Institute, New York

Vice president of the Technical Department of the Institute that makes office buildings healthier.

Trevor Hardy

The Future Laboratory, London

CEO of one of the most globally renowned companies operating in the field of future-consultancy.

Philip Tidd

Gensler, London

Head of Consulting for Gensler, the world leader in designing collaborative workspace.

Michaela Musilova

Scientist, the Chair of SOSA, Bristol

An astrobiologist studying extremophiles (life in extreme environments) on the Greenland Ice Sheet. As the only Slovak to date, in 2014 she participated in a simulated mission at the Mars Desert Research Station in the US.

Hugh Stewart

Foster + Partners, London

Partner at Foster + Partners, one of the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world.

David Brada

Cream Prague & Dream Digital, Prague

Idea maker and creative artist. A man who helped start up two radio stations and now runs two successful marketing agencies.

Lara Marrero

Gensler, London

A trained psychologist and Senior Associate of Gensler, which is the world leader in designing collaborative workspace.

Florian Frotscher

Make Architects, London

An architect and a Partner in London’s Make Architects, responsible for the design of many award-winning projects in Europe, including Geneva’s HSBC Private Bank.

Tim Rowe

Cambridge Innovation Center, USA

Founder and CEO of Cambridge Innovation Center, a world expert in building and developing innovation centres.

Martin Skakala

Citysonder, Slovakia

He has made a significant start to successful startup projects in Slovakia and has extensive experience with company management and the application of transnational work and corporate culture.

Innovation fair



A mobile, energy-efficient and intelligent micro-house powered by solar and wind energy. Enables living in remote utility-free locations with optimal comfort.



This mobile robot’s AI recognizes voice commands, objects, and learns – and aims to become part of a simulated NASA mission.


The first VR autism simulator that will expand your horizons and challenge your perceptions. Experience with your own eyes and ears how an autistic experiences the world.


Non-invasive examination using the HRV (heart rate variability) method. Provides info about body’s stress level.


Hypervsn’s unique system displays objects “floating in space”.  Create, demo, and manage 3D hologram visualizations.


We boost the office experience and well-being. Symbiosy is a virtual twin of your workspace, bringing insights into interactions, space utilisation & the office environment.


Nettle build Artificial Intelligence driven conversational platforms that use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to analyse, understand and derive meaning from unstructured text.


An innovative startup developing technologies and devices to explore complex consumer behaviour using consumer neuroscience in real-world conditions.


Unique designer lamps upcycled from industrial waste.


The first 3D printed enduro e-bike.


A unique musical instrument, which lets you try composing your own music.


An innovative response to the problem related to daylong (not) sitting.


An interactive touch display as part of a modern smart work environment.


A unique medical VR app that will introduce you into the secrets of human anatomy.


An aerodynamic formula, built by students, capable of from 0 to a hundred in 3.2 seconds.


Super-efficient vehicle, built by students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of STU, that makes over 300km on just 1l of fuel.


A humanoid  robot with artificial character enabling it to adapt to a man as much as possible.


Understand the way your customer thinks and feels through emotion recognition in their face expressions.


The smallest stylish charge and data cable for your smartphone from Slovakia to carry with you, anytime and anywhere.


Installation that uses magnetic fluid ferrofluid as a visual medium and simple gestures as a tool.


Post-digital drum machine.


Design project - jewelery created with emphasis on generative design process.


Unique experiences you will experience or earn on them.

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